School of Physics and Technology at V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

We have partnered with the School of Physics and Technology at V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University to create a program supporting young women applying to undergraduate programs at the School. The School has historically been one of the leading centres of nuclear and plasma physics education and research in the country. Despite this, discriminatory gender policies effectively barred women from from attending until the late 1980s. We are confident that this program – and the stellar young women selected for it – will help make that change possible, all the while pushing science forward!

Our winners


“Hello, my name is Nastya. In my family there haven’t been any scientists. I’m first, to be interested in technology specialties. My scientific history begins just now, but my love for physics exists already for 2 years.For me, important things are to always be inquisitive and look for new development opportunities. I strive to be that person. Once, my teacher said that physics is all around us. And when people say they don’t like physics. It’s nonsense for me. Science is more interesting than school programs. Honestly, for me science is a separate world.About me – I also like street dancing, studying languages and travelling. For me this scholarship was a pleasant surprise. Thank you for seeing the winner in me. It is a motivation to develop myself further.”


“Everyone who knows me assumed I would become a translator after graduation, but this year the vector of my preferences changed to the opposite direction. I have matriculated the Phystech – a unique faculty with incredible people.When I was a child, I was always attracted by stories about our universe. The immense expanses of everything known and unknown hadn’t fit into my head until I learned about such science as physics.It allows us to open the veil of the world and understand the nature of everything that surrounds us. That’s why I’m here – breaking all the seals on secrets.In the future, I see myself as the woman who can change the world for the better by solving important problems of our planet”

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